OpenWhisk Serverless

An OpenWhisk sequence example

In a previous post we saw an Apache OpenWhisk hello world, to install OpenWhisk on Kubernetes and then create and launch a first action, that is a serverless function.

In this post we see how to create a sequence of actions in OpenWhisk, i.e. connect multiple serverless functions together in series.

Design patterns Microservices

Database per service microservice design pattern

In a microservices software architecture, 90% of the problems relate to data management between services.
In this post we see the summary of one of the design patterns that concern these issues: the database for service design pattern.


How to run Filebeat with Docker and use it with ELK stack

We have seen how to install the ELK stack using  Docker Compose.
Now we add Filebeat, showing how to run it with Docker and use it with the ELK stack.
The final goal of this series of posts is in fact to show a complete example of how to read the logs of a microservice with Filebeat, and then to collect and visualize them through the ELK stack (ElasticsearchLogstashKibana).