Where is MaAncheNo.Org?

If you are reading this page, you have probably typed in your browser www.maancheno.org, or you have done some research that once led to one of these two websites.

MaAncheNo.Org was a blog that was created by me and some friends many years ago, we can almost say in the pre-social era.
The basic idea was to write each of the posts to denounce what was wrong with the world and which could be avoided or corrected.
Born as a sort of hobby to have fun, it grew quickly, reaching many people, including public figures and creating situations that no one would still imagine and it’s nice to tell.
It turned into a demonstration of how you could make money writing online with a good purpose.
In particular towards me a situation was created whereby an infinite number of people appreciated what I wrote and how I wrote it.
Not only did they feel involved, but the best thing, one of the things that I would have most appreciated forever in my life, was when they wrote to us to thank us, because what we had written had helped them.
This was at the time and has continued to be in my life, a strong source of motivation and reflection on continuing to write.
The blog grew, evolved and then stopped after years, mainly because times had changed, I had changed and I felt I had to reflect and find other sources of inspiration.
The fact that so many people appreciated what I wrote, that it was useful to them and that they advised me en masse to write books led me to feel compelled to try to make this alleged talent of mine flourish, but also to meditate and realize that I will go back to writing when and if I’m ready.
The main point why what I wrote was so much appreciated, is not so much the topic or any ability to write, but the inspiration and passion, doing something because in that moment you love it, feel it and truly believe in it .
When and if that happens, I’ll be back, whether it’s a blog, a book, or some other medium.

Below are the steps that summarize the story of MaAncheNo.Org, largely taken from what was once its “About Us” page.

The MaAncheNo.Org website was created by some friends in 2008 from an idea by Roberto Bandini.
Tired of being surrounded by what disgusted them every day, they started writing down their thoughts about it.
The idea worked and so we got to be visited by several thousand people in just one day.
Thus, the concept on which this site was based has been extended: no longer just thoughts to point out what is wrong with us and can be improved, but also write about what we like, what we want to share with others, ranging over any subject.
The important thing is to express one’s thoughts freely, communicating one’s opinion, questioning it, and perhaps finding together a solution that is useful for everyone.
Just the utility was our strong point.
Furthermore, by a group of some friends, founders of the site, the possibility of writing posts was extended to anyone who wanted to contribute, following a review by the founders.
Thanks to this site, many people have been able to inform themselves, discuss and become friends.
Being thanked for something you have written that has been useful to others has been and remains our greatest satisfaction.
In 2013 Roberto Bandini who in the meantime was the main author of the posts as well as the owner of the website, decided due to commitments to go back to writing alone, giving a greater personal touch to the blog, albeit continuing to carry on the spirit on which he had been conceived and remaining open to proposals for collaboration.
In 2015 Roberto Bandini decided it was time to take a break to reflect and devote himself to something else, reflecting on the fact that so many people appreciated his posts and advised him to write books as well.
The last post of MaAncheNo.Org will remain the one written at the end of November 2014.
In 2023, after having already decided for some time, Roberto Bandini definitively removes the MaAncheNo.Org site, as it is old and not maintained, transforming it into a redirect to the page you are reading.

Last update: 11/02/2023