Where is the DiscoNightNetwork?

If you are reading this page, you have probably typed in your browser www.disconight.org or www.firenzedisconight.com, or you have done some research that once led to one of these two websites.

firenzedisconight.com was a social network that I created in 2004 together with friends / associates, where the photos taken during the nights in the Tuscan discos were uploaded and where it was possible to register, create a profile with your photos, write messages, comments and use a bulletin board.

We therefore speak of the time when we still took photos with the camera and smartphones or platforms like Twitter and Facebook did not yet exist or had not yet been successful.

disconight.org was its evolution, which I created in 2006 to make sure that every PR group, city, nightclub, could have its own site like firenzedisconight.com.
Thanks to the automatic system, everyone could then create their own social network, choose logos and colors, have their own photo galleries, their users with messages and comments.

In those years they were very successful, involving many people and companies, changing the life of me and my friends.

This is another reason why they remained online for many years, even after the age of mobile apps fell into disuse.

On 17/10/2020 I officially decreed them offline, redirecting www.disconight.org and www.firenzedisconight.com to this page.

Below you can see a gallery of screenshots reminiscent of what these websites looked like before they were taken offline.
For years I have been thinking of telling their story in a book.

Actually, if you want to know more read this post of mine which summarizes the story of the Disco Night Network or contact me.

Here a screenshot gallery showing what the Disco Night Network looked like when it was online.

Last update: 17/10/2020